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April 2017








January 2017
Maternity and Sick Pay

New rates for Minimum Wage

Tip still an issue

Therapist wins £18000 at Tribunal

Apprentices and Minimum Wage

Another Care Home Case

August 2016
Pregnant Employees

Calculating Holiday Pay

Sunday Working

Poaching Clients- Data Protection

Working Longer

Right to Work in the UK

Help for the Summer?

Self Employment a Hot Topic

Need a Graphic Designer?

April 2016
Living Wage April 2016

Minimum Wage October 2016

Other Changes

Tax Free Termination Payments

Carry Over of Annual Leave

The Trade Union Rep

References Duty of Care

Employee Arrested by Police

Emploed or Self-Employed

Crystal Ball

November 2015
Employers Still Getting Caught - NMW

Smell of Alcohol

Kit Days

Dismissed on the Spot

Trade Union Changes

Dismissed for Taking time off for Sick Daughter

Right to Work Checklist

A Care Home Has a Problem - Sexual harassment

August 2015
Under 18 Year Olds


Zero Hour Contracts and SSP

Recover of Training Costs

Non-EU Students working in the UK

Tribunal Fees

Failing to Declare Tips

Claiming Costs at Employment Tribunal

Self-Employed Advice from Northern Ireland

Travel to Work - Is It Working Time

Shared Parental Leave

June 2015
Dismissal and More

When Is SSP Payable?

Zero Hours Contracts

NMW Prosecutions

Repaying Maternity Pay

Older Employees

Withdrawing offer of Employment

Sexual Harassment

Returning to Work after Sickness and SSP

Shared Parental Leave

Process Also Applies to Employees

April 2015
Easter Holidays

Minimum Wage

Statutory Sick Pay

Shared Parental Leave

Named and shamed

zero Hours

On Call Work

Work Experience

September 2014
New Minimum Wage Rates

Working whilst receiving SMP

Holiday Pay

Accompanying a partner to Ante-Natal appointments

Relocating staff to new premises

Helping Staff Back to Work

Workplace Pensions and Auto-Enrolment

March 2014
My Facebook Page

New Pay Rates and National Minimum Wage

Extended Flexible Working Rights

Discretionary Sick Pay

Holiday Pay Cases

Shared Parental Leave

TUPE Changes 2014

August 2013

Indian Summers and Maximum working temperatures

Minimum Wage investigations

Employees paying for employment tribunals from 29th July 2013

Clients' Tribunal Experiences - 3 Cases

A Happy Bus Driver

The Self-Employment Test

April 2013

Apprentices Learning Agreements/Contracts

Minimum Wage 1st October 2013

A Gift From the Chancellor

Redundancy Consultation Changes

Redundancy and Redeployment

Redundancy Notice Options

Danger in Probation Dismissals

Minor Convictions and CRB Clearance

Disciplinary Appeals

Tribunal Payout Changes

October 2012

Disciplinary Hearings and Employees Going Off Sick.

Poor Employee Attendance.

CRB Changes.

Eye Tests for Drivers.

Compulsory Pensions.

Minimum Wage - Name and Shame.

Holiday Pay and Statutory Sick Pay.

April 2012

Increase Your Probationary Period

Minimum Wage Rates

Rented Chairs or Spaces Subject to VAT

Restrictive Covenant - Another Unhelpful Decision

£16,000 for Butchers's Shop Victim of Sex Bias

£40,000 for Non Payment of Minimum Wage

Another Unfair Dismissal
December 2011
Positive government proposals for Employers.

Nick Clegg announces the 'Youth Contract'.

Review your disciplinary procedure.

Stringfellows and self-employment.

Reasonable Adjustments and Disabled Employees.

November 2011
ACAS Report, Self-Employment Issues.

European Court of Justice rule on Holiday Pay.

The Wrong Dismissal Proces.s

Sex Discrimination - Getting the ROTA right.

Probationary Perios and Breach of Contract.

Dismissals relating to Facebook.


Borat and nicknames.

August 2011
Gumtree Recruitment.

H and S free leaflet for working alone.

Tribunal case for self-employed.

Contributory Pensions.

New Minimum Wage.

More Tribunal Cases.

Agency Worker Regulations

May 2011 Personnel News (Tribunal Special)
I am pleased to provide a summary of a client's recent Tribunal case in April 2011.

There are some key experiences which "T" is happy to share with fellow clients.

T is a beauty salon owner and she had employed X as a beauty therapist for ten years on a part time basis. X was also a qualified hairdresser but only offered this service to friends and family at home. The Salon DID NOT provide hairdressing services.
April 2011
Employers do win tribunal cases.

The importance of being specific about when a warning was given.

Liquidation and does TUPE apply.

National minimum wage at 1st October 2011.

Budget 2011.

Compulsory retirement.

Health and Safety.

Dangerous clauses in contracts.

Fit Notes.

ACAS before a Tribunal.
January 2011
Key Changes for 2011.

Maternity and Paternity Leave.

Flexible Working.

Maternity and Sick Pay.

Extended Maternity Pay.

Maternity Appointments.

Bank Holidays.

Minimum wage clarification.

Smoking breaks.

Maximum unfair dismissal compensatory award increases.

£14,000 Award for Barmaid Sacked by Text.

Discretionary Bonuses.

September 2010
Christmas Bank Holidays

NMW in Full

Big News - Self Employment, Sickness Rates Falling

Retirement Age To Go!

Equality Act 2010
June 2010
SSP, Smoking Breaks, Coop Dismissal Breach of Trust, Competitive Employees

Remuneration for Bank Holidays, Fixed Holidays, Christmas and New Year 2010

Your Holiday Mysteries Solved

Part Timers
February 2010
Probationary Periods, Child Care Vouchers.

Statutory Maternity Pay - 2010 Update, Recovering Training Costs.

Doctors' Fit Notes, Extra Bank Holiday for 2012.

Pregnancy and Risk Assessment, Maternity Leave - Keep in Touch Days, CCTV,
July 2009
Swine Flu, Increased Costs of Apprentices, A Controversial Case of Religious Discrimination, Pregnancy and Redundancy, Unequal Treatment.

Withdrawing an Offer of Employment, House of Lords Ruling on Holiday Pay, Failed 90 Pence Dismissal Claim, Employing Illegal Staff, Replacement of the Sick Note.

Tribunal Costs, Redundancy Costs, Likely Reduction in Minimum Wage.
June 2009
Restrictive Covenants, Employment Tribunals, European Working Time Directive, Racial Discrimination, Travel Allowances.

This Month's Tribunal Case, Dermatitis.
May 2009
Tips and Minimum Wage, New Rates for Minimum Wage, Sickness Rates, Dismissing Apprentices.

Self Employed and Holiday Pay, 48 Hour Working Week, Budget Redundancy Payment, Equality Bill, Recruitment Subsidy, Age Discrimination.

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