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About Us

David Wright Personnel Ltd

My Consultancy is well established and has operated successfully for a number of years. I write monthly articles for a number of publications on Employment Law and effectively Managing staff. Some of these can be accessed using the dropdown box above.

I published an Employment Practice manual which is updated annually and has already sold over 3,000 copies.

I specialise in providing support for small businesses who dont employ a Human Resources/Personnel specialist.

Many of my clients are in the Health/Beauty and Hair industry. However my Consultancy has expanded and I have clients in many areas including retail,industry services and even Dentists and GPs.

My clients speak to me directly when they ring and myself or Sarah reply to emails.

I am available till 8 pm as many clients are busy running their business during the day or want to speak away from their work environment.

Every day is different. I receive lots of calls just seeking clarification e.g how I work out the annual leave for a part time employee and are they entitled to Bank Holidays. Of course there are then the more complex queries where clients have a redundancy situation or have just discovered a potential serious disciplinary incident.

Clients receive business orietated advice. I attempt to tell them the options open to them rather than quote what the law says they cant do! I explain the options open to them and the risks, where necessary I produce the letters on their behalf for employees. With over 25 years experience in HR there are few situations I haven't encountered before.

The monthly newsletter not only keeps clients up to date with changes in the law it includes real examples of situations other clients have found themselves in and the solution we have reached.

I would thank you for taking the time to look at my site and our services. Please feel free to ring and have a chat, it will be informal and there will be no commitment whatsoever. If you like the service I offer then its totally your choice to join us.

Sarah provides all the administrative support for clients. She forwards all the draft documents and then adapts them to meet your business demands.

In addition she produces "Personnel News" each month.

As I and many clients attempt to overcome the mysteries of missing emails and the various software glitches Sarah represents the calming influence and always ensure customers receive a professional service.

Sarah has supported the Consultancy since its inception and you will enjoy a friendly chat if ever you ring and I am elsewhere!

Phone - 01302 355 372

Mobile - 07930 358 067