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Personnel Advice and Support

I charge a fixed, all-inclusive, fee of £275 per year (plus vat), for businesses of up to 10 employees (Please contact me to discuss details for larger businesses).

For this you receive:

  • A Contract of Employment drafted for you, tailor made to suit your requirements, together with other Employment Law policies, such as a Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure and a Staff Handbook. These are all listed in my "shopping list" enclosed. I can review also any HR DOCUMENTS OR POLICIES that you use currently. We also produce Contracts for services if you have self employed contractors.
  • A Monthly Newsletter (Personnel News), this contains any legal changes that might affect your business together with practical tips and guidance. In addition I reproduce a range of queries I have received from other clients which are of general interest. It is chatty and informative and free of jargon. This can be posted or e-mailed to you - let me know which you would prefer.
  • Access to my help line up to 8pm any evening. You can ring me when you have Personnel problems, such as for example discipline, holidays, attendance or just a day to day query. I will then be able to talk through the problem with you and advise you on your best course of action.

The fee is all-inclusive no matter how many times you use my services.

If you subscribe the process is as follows:

  • I will send you draft documents from my shopping list - such as the contract, disciplinary and grievance procedure and salon rules.
  • There are gaps which I ask you to fill in.
  • Once you have done this, return the completed document to me, I will check it (tell you if it is legal! etc) and may make some suggestions, eg. How to make the best use of a probationary period.
  • Then I return it to you to use as often as you need. I can send it on email, CD and/or paper copies.
  • The majority of the other documents such as application forms, staff appraisals, maternity planner etc, simply need your business name at the top of the document and then they are yours.

David Wright Personnel

Phone - 01302 355 372

Mobile - 07930 358 067